Pioneers of Rock ‘n Roll

The origins of Rock ‘n Roll music are hard to pin down. Its history is less a clear progression, and more an experience, a movement, a sensation. It’s easier to look at the genre’s influence on today’s music than it is to look back at its blurred beginnings. A vast array of artists contributed to … Continued

How Has Rock ‘n Roll Influenced Music?

Rock ‘n Roll is a style of music that originated in the United States in the mid-1950s. It grew out of other genres such as blues, gospel, jazz, and even country, blending them all together to form something new. Some of the first Rock ‘n Roll artists include musicians like Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Buddy … Continued

The Importance of Mentoring

When you are younger, it’s incredibly important to have someone in your life that you look up to and respect. This person becomes a positive role model that you emulate and learn from. Even more than a role model, this person can become a mentor. Mentors come in many different forms, including teachers, friends, family … Continued

The Benefits of Music Education

When people think of music education, they usually only think of a student learning how to play an instrument. While that is a big part of music education, there are many other aspects, such as learning to read music, studying music history, understanding different music theories, and more. Taken together, all of these parts of … Continued

The Benefits of Joining a Band

When you first learn to play an instrument, it’s usually on your own or with a teacher. Then, when you get better and more advanced, you will most likely spend more time around other people who play music and realize how much you enjoy being around musicians who are similar to you. A shared love … Continued

The Benefits of Playing an Instrument

Just about everyone enjoys music, whether it’s classical, rock and roll, pop, jazz, folk, or one of the many other forms. A lot of people like music so much that they learn how to play an instrument. At first, individuals often learn to play an instrument because it’s fun and they enjoy creating music. But, … Continued

Rehearsal Time

Less than a week till we revisit 1973 with Band On The Run and other classic tunes. The kids have been working hard and having fun.  

Doin’ The Monster Mash

Rockit had some fun on a Friday night Halloween rehearsal in preparation for their 1973 Tribute concert featuring Band On The Run by McCartney & Wings. Photos by Bruce Callipani

Fab Faux Greets Rockit

A group of Rockit musicians checked in with The Fab Faux during a sound check at the Count Basie Theatre on June 13. Will Lee, Rich Pagano, Frank Agnello, and Jack Petruzzelli spent some time talking shop with the kids.  

Rockit Opens for Eric Burdon

Eric Burdon, legendary rock-n-roll vocalist during the British Invasion for The Animals as well as 70s funk group War, performed at The Count Basie Theatre on Wednesday, August 28 to a packed house. Rockit, invited by the Count Basie Theatre, opened the show with a 25-minute set with classic hits like “Evidence” and “Fire.”