Rockit Live Foundation Scholarship Fund

Through your donations to the Rockit Live Foundation, we are able to bring music to serious minded musicians to continue their studies in a more elite, professional manner.  Through private instruction, live performances and community outreach, our young musicians go on to thrive not only as musicians at some of the best music schools in the country, but also as leaders in the community.




From Joseph Bolger Middle School, Keansburg, NJ
Instrument: Instrument Bass Guitar

“Music is such a part of me that I have never really thought about it. Music is my life!”



From Joseph Bolger Middle School, Keansburg, NJ
Instrument: Vocals


10 Years Old, Red Bank

“Music means everything to me. It puts feeling into my life. Music has had a very big impact on my life. It makes me think of life in a whole new way. It makes me feel happy and relaxed. I play music all the time. I feel alive when I play music.”


13 Years Old, Red Bank

“Music to me is the thing you turn to when nothing else works. When your feelings don’t have enough words to express what you want to say. Music is how me and my friends grow together. Whenever I’ve been sad, frustrated, happy, or even lazy, I turn to music as a way to fill that gap and to fill myself with joy, always reminding me that there’s always more to something.”