Joseph Bolger Middle School Scholarship Recipients
Carmine Appice with Rockit Academy Student

The Rockit Live Foundation’s Scholarship Program offers instruments and complimentary private lessons in conjunction with band sessions taught by professional and diverse music instructors. We believe that every young child should have the opportunity to experience the impact music has in life. Music has the power to build academic and social skills, unleash creativity, and develop self-confidence and self-esteem. Music touches the mind, the heart, and the senses. Students are given the opportunity to participate in multiple shows throughout the year as well as additional benefit concerts and charitable events. One on one instruction supplemented with immersive band training assists in facilitating our students to build confidence and talent that will last a lifetime. The Scholarship Program runs year-round and includes the same audition requirements, private lessons, band rehearsal, and performance opportunities as the tuition based Rockit program. The Academy participates in fundraisers, charities, and other outside events to raise money that supports the expansion and growth of the Scholarship Program.  All scholarships will be awarded for the term of six months or one year with the option to reapply. Students will be re-evaluated quarterly at the end of each term. The Rockit Academy is proud to accommodate young musicians in and outside of our community, giving them the full Rockit experience at little to no cost!

Ricky Byrd joins Rockit on stage

Red Bank Middle School appreciates the strong relationship that has been developed with the Rockit Live Foundation.  It benefits our students and allows for some of our young musicians to have an opportunity to further pursue their love of music!  We are thankful for Rockit’s commitment to keeping arts alive in our schools and are grateful for the 9 scholarships awarded to our students so that they can join the Rockit music program. – Maria Iozzi Principal, Red Bank Middle School

Red Bank Middle School Scholarship Recipients

How to Apply

Scholarship Audition Application:

All scholarship applications should be submitted by the due date of each quarterly audition, along with the general audition application. Students are required to submit an audition fee, with the exception of scholarship students who are currently in their awarded cycle.

Rehearsal with Steven Van Zandt for 2016 Gala