2023 Rockit Live Foundation Scholarship Application

1. Deadline for Scholarship Application is five days prior to each audition.

2. Type or print legibly. Illegible applications will be returned.

3. Notifications will be sent before the start of each session regarding application status.

4. Please direct any questions to

The Rockit Live Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, whose mission is to help develop, nurture, and inspires young musicians to reach their full artistic potential through music education offered in partnership with Brookdale Community College in Lincroft, NJ. The foundation’s defining focus is outreach, music education, scholarships, and to reach all aspiring artists at every level of economic status. The Rockit Live Foundation also endeavors to build character as well as talent, instilling confidence and team skills, with an emphasis on community service. Since its inception, Rockit has worked with more than 1,700 young musicians to kick-start their careers and assist in leading them to the most prestigious music colleges in the United States. Artist Advisory Board members include: Maureen & Steven Van Zandt, Carmine Appice, Susan & Eddie Brigati, Ricky Byrd, Steve Lacy, Christine Meisenhelter, Rich Russo, Jacquie Lee and Mark Weiss.

The Rockit Live Foundation’s scholarship program offers complementary private lessons in conjunction with band sessions led by our talented team of instructors and celebrity mentors. We believe that every young artist should have the opportunity to experience the impact music can have in life. Music has the power to build academic and social skills, unleash creativity, and develop self-confidence and self-esteem. Music touches the mind, the heart, and the senses. Students are given the opportunity to participate in multiple shows at professional venues throughout the year, as well as additional charitable events. One on one instruction supplemented with immersive band training assists in facilitating our students to build confidence and talent that will last a lifetime.

Gibson Lou Pallo Scholarship: Gibson Guitars and the Rockit Live Foundation have established a scholarship in Lou Pallo’s name for guitarists. Guitar recipients of the Gibson Lou Pallo Scholarship will receive a Les Paul guitar and scholarship for private music instruction and band class with the Rockit Academy. Gibson Guitars and Rockit Academy are honored to keep the spirit of Lou Pallo alive in our hearts while offering the opportunity for young musicians to follow their passion in music education. The first recipient of the Gibson Lou Pallo Scholarship will be awarded on stage at The Cutting Room, October 2nd during our musical tribute to Lou Pallo.

Scholarship Information: In order to be eligible for full or partial scholarship, you will be asked to submit documentation for your specific needs. Scholarships may be awarded in the form of discounts or free services. All scholarships will be awarded for the term of six months to one year, with the option to reapply. Students will be evaluated quarterly at the end of each term. Rockit Live Foundation has the right to hold or terminate scholarship student’s activity in the program based on lack of commitment, progress, or performance. Participation in past Rockit sessions does not guarantee placement. The noted requirements on page one are necessary to ensure that each student enrolled in the program has a positive learning and educational experience, giving students the opportunity to experience our premier music program, despite financial restrictions.

Partial Scholarship: Value: $2,500

Full Scholarship: Value: $5,000

*** Results of the audition will determine whether the student will receive private lessons, band instruction, or both.


  • Completed 2023 Audition Application – fill out form below and submit online
  • Teacher Recommendation: Please submit one letter of recommendation from a teacher or staff member indicating why you/your child would be a good recipient of our scholarship.
  • On a separate sheet, please indicate why you feel you would be a good recipient for our scholarship. Include any additional musical experience, performances, prior music education, community service activities, etc.

Scholarship Application

  • Indicate the number of years you have participated in the following musical groups, if applicable:
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  • Lou Pallo Scholarship applications will open in June.