Audition Registration Fee


$25 up to two instruments
$10 each additional instrument


Additional Student Information:


This section ONLY applies to those students who may require special rehearsal scheduling due to: extensive travel time, religious commitments, or daily school dismissal. We suggest leaving an open schedule so that we may place students in a band best suited for them.


I hereby agree/give permission for my child to participate in the Rockit Academy Sessions at Brookdale Community College. I also give my permission to the Rockit Live Foundation and Brookdale Community College to use in publicity of any kind photographs, audio or video in which I/my child appear. The staff has my permission to seek emergency medical attention in the event of an emergency if my/my child's emergency contact cannot be reached. I agree that there are no refunds after the start of sessions."

Scheduling Disclaimer

I acknowledge that if Rockit is unable to accommodate my schedule, it may prevent participation in the program.

I acknowledge that bands will be prioritized based on the following criteria (not necessarily in this order):

  • Extensive travel, religious commitments and/or daily school dismissal
  • Enrollment in Rockit Academy private instruction
  • Availability
  • Talent achievement and/or progress within our academy

I acknowledge that space is limited and my band assignment will be determined based on the availability information that I provided in this application.

I acknowledge that band assignments will not change once auditions have been completed.

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