Audition Registration Fee - Rockit Live

Audition Registration Fee


$20 up to two instruments
$10 each additional instrument


Additional Student Information:


PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: This section ONLY applies to those students who may require special rehearsal scheduling due to: Extensive travel time Religious commitments Unique family situations or Daily school dismissal. This does not include extracurricular activities. In consideration of the above we will then prioritize students based on the need of selected songs and bands. We suggest leaving an open schedule so that we may place students in a band best suited for them.


I hereby agree/give permission for my child to participate in the Rockit Academy Sessions at Brookdale Community College. I also give my permission to the Rockit Live Foundation and Brookdale Community College to use in publicity of any kind photographs, audio or video in which I/my child appear. The staff has my permission to seek emergency medical attention in the event of an emergency if my/my child's emergency contact cannot be reached. I agree that there are no refunds after the start of sessions."

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