Bruce Gallipani – Founder and Executive Director

Rock and Roll culture has dictated that its initiates should flock to the basements and garages to imitate the gods of rock and cut their teeth on three chords and a dream. Brooklyn musician Bruce Gallipani believes in rock and roll, that it offers a whole lot of positive reinforcement and social well-being for today’s youth. He’s pounding out the message with every concert, sharing his experience and vision, while giving kids a taste of performing live on the big stage together.

Justin Gallo – Guitar & Sax Instructor

Justin Gallo believes in the transformative power of childhood music education. As a graduate from the Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor Degree, Justin has taught thousands of lessons across multiple instruments — music instruction has had a profound influence on his life both professionally and personally. At The Rock It Live Foundation, Justin has the honor of not only educating highly motivated students but also sharing with them the passion for performance, enthusiasm for songwriting, and the deep understanding of theory that enrich his own musicianship

Andy Greatorex – Bass Guitar Instructor

Andy was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. After moving to the U.S in 2003, Andy studied music at the University of North Texas where he received degrees in Jazz Performance and Music Theory. During his years in Texas, Andy played in a jazz band, a country band, and a blues band that toured across the states opening for bands such as Train, Collective Soul, and Johnny Winter. Now back in NJ with his wife and 3 children, Andy divides his time between teaching bass, mixing front of house, and performing in his wedding band in New York City. Andy has a huge passion for gear and recording.

Corey Markowitz – Vocal Coach

Corey is a graduate of the NYFA: Musical Theatre Conservatory. He has studied voice and acting under numerous Broadway veterans including Kristy Cates and Deidre Goodwin. He is a multi-instrumentalist and composer who continues to perform over 150 shows a year across the country. With several Off-Broadway and NYC credits on his resume, he shares his invaluable versatility with all of his students.

Dan Ricker – Keyboard Instructor

Dan began playing music when he was 8 years old. By the time he was 12, he had begun writing original music, started his own band, and a year later could be found performing at venues all around NJ. After attending Brown University, Dan reignited his passion for original music and toured around the US and Canada. He now runs a weekly show in Manhattan. Besides the keyboard, Dan is a multi-instrumentalist and singer, and often shares his insights into performance and stagecraft with all his students.

Christopher Russo – Drum Instructor

Christopher Russo has made a name for himself over the past 20 years as a touring musician and private drum instructor. Starting his journey at 8 years of age, Chris studied with several prominent instructors, most notably Dom Famularo. Chris credits his teaching style to Dom, due to his focus on hand/full body drum set technique. Thanks to Dom’s motivation and education style, teaching has become less of a career for Chris and more of a true passion. Individual lesson plans are personalized to meet each student’s goals and interests while emphasizing proper technique and drum set approach. Chris focuses on building confidence on and off the drums, helping all students tap into their own unique potential. Outside of his lesson room, Chris can be seen performing throughout the tri-state area with several original bands and songwriters, most notably Steve Reilly from Dublin Ireland, and The Shady Street Show band from Asbury Park, New Jersey.

Zac Silva – Guitar Instructor

Zac is a career musician with 10 years of teaching experience and has been working with the Rockit Live Foundation since 2011. He graduated Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music where he obtained his Bachelor of Music degree as a dual major in Guitar Performance and Contemporary Writing & Production. He is an active arranger, producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who tours and performs locally and nationally with The Shady Street Show Band and Remember Jones. He is a contributing writer, arranger, producer, manager, and guitarist in his bands.

“The Rockit program involves more than musical technique; it is designed to instill a sense of collaboration, team-work, and confidence in young talented music students.”

– Bruce Gallipani, Founder & Executive Director