Steven & Maureen Van Zandt

“Having devoted my life to educating kids about rock music, I was thrilled when Maureen introduced me to Rockit; who do a fantastic job with both passion and expertise and who we are honored to support.”
– Steven Van Zandt

“As arts education continues to disappear from school curriculums, I realize more and more the importance of programs like Rockit.  My time spent with the Rockit musicians and their amazing staff led by Bruce Gallipani has given me hope that rock music will continue to be respected and cherished, and will live on.  They inspire me, astound me, and make me very proud to be involved.”
– Maureen Van Zandt

Carmine Appice

“Rockit is a great place for young musicians to develop their talent on and off stage while learning self respect, respect for other musicians and how to work as a team. It is a great learning experience for all and I’ve watched amazing improvements in musicianship by most of the kids. Their shows rock and I love being associated with them.”
– Carmine Appice 

Eddie & Susan Brigati

Bruce’s Rockit Foundation!  = Music, Art, Passion, Expression, Compassion, Dedication, Respect and Security!!
– Eddie Brigati

“The Rockit Live Foundation is one of the most nurturing, creative, performance oriented scenarios I have ever had the honor of being affiliated with. Young people are schooled, motivated and allowed to transform into phenomenal performers with a sense of excellence and utmost pride in their craft, along with a sense of community and mutual support.  When one shines, they all shine, and it’s all with smiles. Professionalism, creative integrity, versatility, enthusiasm, talent and sense of community all thrive in the Rockit Community.”
– Susan Brigati

Jacquie Lee

“Rockit, for me, was a lot more than just a program. It changed my life and taught me that music was more than just a sound, but also a feeling. I will be forever grateful that somehow my path lead me there before anything because it’s where music became my passion and where I felt like I fit in. Seeing this program continue to do incredible things and inspire so many other kids is just simply the magic of Rockit.  It’s indescribable, it’s just a feeling.”
– Jacquie Lee


Rich Russo

“It’s become increasingly vital that the millennial generation gets involved with arts and culture. Rockit offers an unparalleled opportunity for these kids to learn how to play an instrument, how to be part of a band, how to learn to express their art in front of an audience. Rockit excels in making all of this happen”
– Rich Russo


Rockit Live Foundation Inc. Board of Directors

Bruce Gallipani

President and Executive Director

Fred Ferrara

Vice President

Margaret Pellicano


Alyssa Gallipani


Barbara Ferrara

Director/General Council

Frank Peretore