As part of its collaboration with Brookdale Community College, the Rockit Live Foundation and its broad range of live music education programs and performances reside at Brookdale’s Lincroft campus.

“Brookdale’s role as a gateway for individuals to achieve their personal and professional goals complement our core mission—developing and inspiring young musicians to reach their potential,” said Bruce Gallipani, Rockit’s founder.

“Bruce’s staff of talented instructors, educators and board members have made the difference in so many lives in helping young people along the path toward making their aspirations a reality,” said Brookdale President Dr. David Stout. “Their dedication, mentorship and community focus complement what we do at Brookdale every day across disciplines.”

Singer Jacquie Lee“Rockit, for me, was a lot more than just a program. It changed my life and taught me that music was more than just a sound, but also a feeling. I will be forever grateful that somehow my path lead me there before anything because it’s where music became my passion and where I felt like I fit in. Seeing this program continue to do incredible things and inspire so many other kids is just simply the magic of Rockit.  It’s indescribable, it’s just a feeling.” – Jacquie Lee

Rockit Academy Program at Brookdale Community College

Rockit MusiciansRockit is New Jersey’s premier Live Music Education program for young musicians. Learn the classics during multiple weeks of group instruction and be a star as you perform on the big stage. Vocalists, drummers, guitarists, bassists, keyboardists, brass and string players are encouraged to complement their private studies with our collaborative program.

  • Auditions are required for both new and returning students.
  • All band classes are 90-minutes long and taught by talented instructors with diverse backgrounds.
  • Open to ages 8-18 (12th grade) and Brookdale Community College students.
  • All students must be enrolled for private instruction with a Rockit Academy instructor.
  • All students must perform in the end-of-semester concert.
  • Space is limited. The Rockit Live Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. For more information, click here.