How Has Rock ‘n Roll Influenced Music?

Rock ‘n Roll is a style of music that originated in the United States in the mid-1950s. It grew out of other genres such as blues, gospel, jazz, and even country, blending them all together to form something new. Some of the first Rock ‘n Roll artists include musicians like Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Fats Domino, Little Richard, Bo Diddley, and others. These artists were the first ones to take all of the pieces from different music genres and put them together to make what we know as Rock ‘n Roll, revolutionizing music forever.

How Has Rock ‘n Roll Influenced Music Today?

While Rock ‘n Roll music was something different, it was made up of familiar components from other genres, so there were some similarities. However, two of the main elements that made it different from anything before were the fact that it specifically addressed and was tailored to teenagers, and it allowed “marginal” Americans—no matter their race, gender, orientation, or location—to express themselves freely.

Once Rock ‘n Roll was invented, it was here to stay. The genre has influenced future generations and led to the creation of new genres—and subgenres—of music. 

One of the biggest ways that Rock ‘n Roll has influenced music is by making people feel as though it’s something they themselves can do. It is one of the most diverse and accessible genres where people feel included, like they are part of the music.

Some of the key characteristics of Rock ‘n Roll music include:

  • Energy – Rock ‘n Roll is known for its surging, propulsive energy that makes you want to move your body around, more so than any other genre that came before it.
  • Driving Rhythms – There are many different tempos used in Rock ‘n Roll music, but songs generally tend to be in the range of 100-140 beats per minute.
  • Core Instruments – Generally, Rock ‘n Roll bands consist of an electric guitar, an electric bass, and a drum kit. There are many other instruments that are also used in Rock ‘n Roll, but these three form the core of most bands.
  • Diverse Lyrical Subjects – Similar to the freedom of expression mentioned above, Rock ‘n Roll songs have a wide range of lyrical content, often touching on subjects that had never been approached in music before.

Because of these elements, it’s clear to see how Rock ‘n Roll has influenced other genres like pop, rap, metal, and EDM, and has also created multiple subgenres like classic rock, indie rock, glam rock, alternative rock, punk rock, synth-pop, post-rock, progressive rock, ska, rap-rock, funk rock, and math rock. No matter how different the music may sound, the spirit of Rock ‘n Roll has helped form many of these genres.

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