The Benefits of Music Education

When people think of music education, they usually only think of a student learning how to play an instrument. While that is a big part of music education, there are many other aspects, such as learning to read music, studying music history, understanding different music theories, and more. Taken together, all of these parts of music education help to create many benefits for students, which we’ll explore in this article.

Music education and school music activities enhance adolescents’ lives in many ways:

  • Sense of Security – Receiving a music education and participating in school music activities helps students feel a sense of security because they are able to express themselves freely through their music. Students also build a unique connection with their music teachers since they are interacting in a more creative way than in other classes. Often, this leads to students feeling more secure in their music classes and talking with their music teacher.
  • Self-Concept – Music education and school music activities also help students learn more about themselves, helping them develop their self-concept. By studying music, students also learn more about their capabilities and the things they enjoy. This can help boost their confidence and provide a greater understanding of who they are and who they want to be.
  • Feeling of Belonging – Music education provides students with opportunities to interact with their peers who have similar interests and to feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. This cultivates collaboration and teamwork with others in order to reach a common goal. It can even lead to students forming their own bands together.
  • Purpose – Music education is a great way for students to figure out what they enjoy and what they want to pursue. Their love for music can help create a sense of purpose, which will drive them to do their absolute best. This teaches students how to commit to something that they care about and keep trying even when things get hard.
  • Attitude Toward Learning – Music education and school music activities can also create a positive attitude toward learning. Music education is enjoyable, especially when students learn how to create their own music. This positively influences how they view learning and can help increase their interest in other classes, as well as in pursuing further education.

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