Teddy Kurdyla Receives Gibson Lou Pallo Scholarship

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Teddy Kurdyla for being awarded the Gibson Lou Pallo Scholarship! In his essay Teddy wrote, “I will strive to be as humble and impactful as the great Lou Pallo.” Gibson Gives and the Rockit Live Foundation established a scholarship in Lou Pallo’s name for guitarists. Teddy received a Gibson Les Paul guitar and one year enrollment in Rockit Academy (private guitar instruction, band rehearsals and live performances).

Teddy shared, “I was completely shocked and overjoyed when Eddie Brigati called out my name! Playing the Les Paul for the first time on stage was a magical experience and a dream come true for me. At first I was a little nervous to play the hardest solo I have ever played live on a brand new guitar that I hadn’t played before, but as soon as I ripped into the first chords of Mr. Crowley the nervousness I felt was overcome with joy and excitement!”

Mary Alice and Phil, Teddy’s parents, explained how Rockit has affected Teddy beyond the music. “Since becoming a student at Rockit, Teddy has become more disciplined in all aspects of life. He is now very task oriented; he sets a goal for himself and he does not rest until he achieves that goal. He has also acquired a more mature persona. He communicates well with adults and peers and takes great pride in all of his work and responsibilities.”

Teddy added, “I am so lucky to be part of such an amazing program that has given me so many wonderful opportunities and that continues to expand my musical abilities. Rockit has also connected me with many other very talented musicians who I am so lucky to call my friends.”