Perform Authentic Grand Funk Railroad Rock & Roll Soul

Grand Funk Railroad has a long reputation in the rock and roll soul genre, making their music highly sought-after. At the Rockit Academy serving Lincroft, Brookdale, Middletown, and Red Bank, New Jersey, we train our students in Grand Funk Railroad rock & roll soul. Students will learn a Grand cover written by Mark Farner, a founding member of Grand Funk Railroad, making it an experience they won’t soon forget. This video made possible by Monmouth Arts and the O’Malley family.


Funky Rock n Roll at Its Finest

Our Rockit Live Foundation project is supported by the Mark Farner family, along with various organizations that understand the value of exposing today’s generation to brilliant rock and roll music, such as the music produced by Mark Farner. We’re dedicated to keeping the spirit of rock and roll soul music alive and well!

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1) Does Mark Farner still perform?

Mark Farner does still perform. He recently performed at The Capitol Theater in January 2020 and has several more performances planned in 2022. However, he no longer plays with Grand Funk Railroad.

2) How many original members are still in the band Grand Funk Railroad?

Both Don Brewer, a vocalist and drummer who was an original founding member, and bassist Mel Schacher are still performing with Grand Funk Railroad. The other two current members are new additions who began performing with the group in 2000.

3) Who wrote the songs for Grand Funk Railroad?

Founding member, Mark Farner, is responsible for writing many of the group’s big hits on 10 of the group’s albums. However, other members of the band have also contributed to their song list in full or part.