Emersyn Returns to the Stage

It has been a year since Emersyn was diagnosed with AML leukemia and having her back on stage Sunday night at our “I WANT MY 80s” show on her 16th birthday was pure JOY!

Bruce Gallipani reflected on the evening, “Just one day earlier at rehearsal, I told Emersyn’s band that there will be ten moments in their life they will hold close to their heart forever. Performing with Emersyn on her 16th birthday after a year of absence to heal will be one of them. AND IT WAS! This goes for me as well. I know how special it was for Emersyn and her family but this was also one of my top ten life moments. Thank you and God Bless.”

Emersyn’s mother wrote, “Bruce, the family you have created at Rockit is so incredibly special and the warmth with which you embraced our family and Emersyn during the past very trying year was very much appreciated. From sending her a banner signed by the Rockit kids to hang in her hospital room almost a year ago to welcoming her back on stage yesterday and all the calls and texts and prayers in between, we are so very grateful. We couldn’t stop crying all day yesterday. Yesterday was the first day of normalcy for her in a very long time and she got to get back on stage doing what she loved. Thank you, thank you, thank you. What a way to celebrate turning 16!!!”